Atmaca Bushing Manufacturing and Engineering

Atmaca Bushing was founded in 1995 by Hamdi Atmaca for the production of copper alloy motor bearings and bronze alloy bushings. In 2000, we started concentrating on manufacturing bushings for automotive and special design machinery sectors. Atmaca Bushing company, with its industrial experience, continues to be the leader in the business with productions of bronze alloy, copper alloy bushings and bronze bushings made with external iron. Our company was built and is located in the Konya province of Turkey. We not only manufacture products for the Turkish market, but with many businesses we currently have, Atmaca Bushings has also reached the European and North American markets as well. The production of high quality goods for automotive and agricultural equipment, accompanied by reasonable prices and timely shipments, we have gained the respect, trust, and satisfaction of our customers.

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