The bushings we manufacture are produces with the latest technologically advanced machines. Our products are created with computer-aided machines and are suited to the delicate quality standards in terms of measurement and dimensional accuracy. Your orders will be passed through the most precise metrics and delivered to you in accordance with your demands.


We produce your orders in the desired quality of bronze. With our clear understanding of production in accordance with quality standards, we consider all of your instructions with the utmost caution.


With over thirty years in business manufacturing bushings, Atmaca Bushing has become one of the reliable companies in the industry. Customer satisfaction is one of the core beliefs this organization was built on and we have accommodated our customers with complete satisfaction over the years. The sensitivity of your company is important to us, which is why we have quality products and timely deliveries.


As Atmaca Bushing family, we thank you for visiting our website. Amongst one of Turkey’s very first bushing manufacturers, Atmaca Bushing has been proudly and strongly keeping its position in the industry for over thirty years. In our website, you can find small visuals about our products. You can contact us for more information and we can supply you bushings in every dimension and technical specification you need.
My sincere regards

Mehmet Atmaca

MSc. Mec. Eng. & Comp. Scientist

Why Atmaca Bushing?

One of the most accurate and economical solutions to prevent abrasions in your designs with power and motion transfers is the use of bushings. Bushings not only provide you with freedom of movement in your designs, it can also help eliminate the wear of components such as, axle, axle shaft and piston which are partly more difficult to manufacture.
The bushings that you include in your projects, regardless of the measurements can be produced with the utmost precision in CNC machinery as you would like.
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